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Nationally Recognized OBGYN Care

Dr. Amir Marashi’s expertise and exceptional care have been recognized by industry leaders across the country. Being labeled the ‘Vagina Whisper’ by many, check out some of Dr. Marashi’s feature in the New York Post

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VAGILANGELO™ Rejuvenation

Learn more about the innovative, minimally invasive procedure women across the country are raving about.

If you are not enjoying sex as much as you used to due to vaginal laxity and do not want to have surgery and a full-on vaginoplasty, Dr. Amir Marashi has perfected a new minimally-invasive procedure, called VAGILANGELO™, that can solve your problems.

The VAGILANGELO™ procedure, as perfected and performed by Dr. Amir Marashi, comprises two steps, both done during the same office visit. First step is vaginal rejuvenation and G spot enhancement by PRP injection. The second step is restoring vaginal tightness by a few internal sutures under local anesthesia with minimal to no discomfort.

The VAGILANGELO ™ procedure requires little recovery time and involves virtually no pain. In roughly 2-3 weeks you and your partner will feel a completely different experience during intimacy as well as better orgasms.

What is a Clitogram™?

When a person is injured, has a medical condition, or is about to undergo surgery, doctors often take a “before” picture. This can be in the form of an ultrasound, x-ray, CT (“cat scan”), or MRI. This “before” picture gives a good idea of what things look like before any procedure is done. Imaging helps doctors and patients see whether the procedure helped, identify whether any accidental harm was done, and guide the next steps.

Unfortunately (and shockingly), this isn’t done for the clitoris! Despite the clitoris being an incredibly important organ, surgeons operate in the genital area without getting medical images of the clitoris before the surgery, during, or after.

Dr. Amir Marashi knew this wasn’t right, and that patients deserved better. He teamed up with Dr. Kimberly Lovie, a Harvard and Yale-trained physician and scientist, with a background in radiology. They worked together to create the first clitoral ultrasound method to be used in the clinic and operating room.

Dr. Marashi and Dr. Lovie are offering a Clitogram™ training course in 2023 (date TBA). Their goal is to set a new standard of care for vulvar surgery. They will train surgeons how to image the clitoris before, during, and after surgery, with the aim of safer surgery and harm reduction.

Nationally Recognized OBGYN Care

Dr. Amir Marashi’s expertise and exceptional care have been recognized by industry leaders across the country. Being labeled the ‘Vagina Whisper’ by many, check out some of Dr. Marashi’s features in mainstream media.

Pleasure Products Designed by Dr. Marashi

Innovating Sexual Wellness through Physician Expertise

The first-ever pleasure products designed by physicians.

Our physician-backed products are helping people find and reach their most pleasurable parts, eradicate sexual shame, and put an end to orgasm inequity.

A portion of our proceeds will be donated to different funds and organizations that help improve sexual wellness as well as victims of FGM (female genital mutilation).

Innovating Sexual Wellness

This soft, nonporous, medical-grade silicone toy uses quiet, air-wave technology to emulate the suction and pulsation you’d feel during oral sex. Simultaneously, the other end can be inserted vaginally to stimulate the G-Zone. The angle of the toy adjusts to adapt to your anatomy. Experiment with this toy’s 14 modes (7 sucking, 7 vibration) to feel mesmerized from head to toe.

See What Women Have to Say

Khloe Kardashian Talks Vagina Care

“I like the fact that all celebrities are talking about vaginas because we’ve been ignoring vaginas for a long time,” Dr. Marashi said, giving props to the no-holds-barred reality star. “I’m really happy celebs are talking – it makes it more comfortable for other people to start talking about it.” 

– Dr. Marashi, via Radar Onile

Thousands of Happy Patients

Dr. Marashi is professional, compassionate and extremely responsive. I have referred to him multiple times and each time he has taken care of me and my issues promptly, kindly and with great results. After my first experience with him about 3 years ago, I stopped going to my previous Dr.

– Delaram Davari

From the first time I met Dr. Marashi 7+ Yrs ago I knew I would never see another OBGYN. He was professional, patient, caring & discovered over time I had endometriosis.

– Jelana S M A

I can not rave about him enough. He calms my mind (I get health anxiety and get very scared with anything medical) and from the moment I met him, I knew he knew his stuff and that I was safe and in good hands. I’m so blessed to have found him and look forward to being healthy and having him as my doctor.

– Megan Rozak

Doctor Marashi is the best doctor. Bedside manners are amazing. He’s smart, funny and he knows his stuff. If I could rate him a 10 I would. I recommend him to anyone I know.

– Katrina L