VAGILANGELO™ Rejuvenation:

If you are not enjoying sex as much as you used to due to vaginal laxity and do not want to have surgery and a full on vaginoplasty, Dr. Amir Marashi has perfected a new minimally-invasive procedure, called VAGILANGELO™, that can solve your problems.

The VAGILANGELO™ procedure, as perfected and performed by Dr. Amir Marashi, comprises two steps, both done during the same office visit. First step is vaginal rejuvenation and G spot enhancement by PRP injection. The second step is restoring vaginal tightness by a few internal sutures under local anesthesia with minimal to no discomfort.

The VAGILANGELO ™ procedure requires little recovery time and involves virtually no pain. In roughly 2-3 weeks you and your partner will feel a completely different experience during intimacy as well as better orgasms.

Teach your partner where your sensitive areas are.


Know your anatomy…


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